My name is Lara Dawn & I created the Commemorative Pro Doll.


To signify the likeness of our team in the art of professional hair and makeup.  We are seen mostly behind the scenes and behind the chair, creating beautiful looks.  Wearing a pro uniform. Black Shirt, Black Pants & Apron. We provide concierge services for a brides wedding day on location, at hotels, venues, events. Some of the team is widely known in TV-FILM and also known at their own local salons, spas, barber shops for clientele specialty services. 


COVID-19 has separated us, and sadly we have greatly missed one another. I went back the drawing board, and poured my artistic ideas into this project.  I started in the beauty business over 30 years ago, and I never looked back. I was born artistic & stood behind a kitchen stool in an old farm house of my grandma's, doing her hair in plastic rollers at 3 years old. I then grew on to do my 1st wedding at 11. 

I have been blessed to meet the most extraordinary and talented artists in the industry through the years, so I formed the team back in 2009,  after owning several salons. One person on the team recommended 10 artists, that recommended 10 artists, and it snowballed into a network. So together, like building blocks, we formed an amazing powerhouse of a group. We also love our products! So 5th Ave Hair & Makeup Directory was created, featuring top rated hair & makeup beauty brands and trends.


I wanted more than anything for everyone to always have artistic freedom, freedom to create without restrictions, have pride in self business building, while belonging to something. A place you could be creative with friends and family. To not only be known as the hair & makeup team"in the back" but to be given the chance for recognition and to be in the spotlight.  An amazing team was born of hair artists, makeup artists, estheticians, hair extension specialists, barbers, nail techs. and students. Some largely known on set in TV & FILM. 


We are made up of 479 national independent artists & assistants. We are closely connected even though we are far & wide in demographics. Known to go the long distance. We carry heavy luggage, ring lights and chairs. We travel by car, plane, train, ferry & car pool to our locations (sometimes we are up at 2:00 am for early morning call times) & we always arrive looking put together and polished.

May you choose a doll to your likeness, or one for a friend wearing the adorable pro uniform, removable apron and shoes. May these dolls also instill art in little ones ages 3 & over, practicing hair & makeup at home, as we did... once upon a time.



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