My name is Lara Dawn & I created The Pro Hair Doll ™ The Pro Makeup Doll™  


I created the dolls inspired by the hair and makeup industry with the likeness of us. Perfect for the professional, family member and friend. They are a one of a kind historical display item for your work station or vanity for many years to come. Wearing a (3) piece uniform with a removable apron and adorable shoes. 

"Telling a story of our artistry work behind the scenes & behind the chair"

Honoring 100 years of artistry in the beauty industry from1920-2020 for the very 1st time. Giving heart and hope to artists globally. 


My journey began in 2009 as the pioneer of hotel concierge beauty services for weddings at hotels venues & events. Back then it started with just a few amazing artists. Concierge hotel beauty service didn't exist at the time and hotels and venues loved the idea! By July of 2009, my concept expanded very quickly, and ten artists, told ten artists how fun & rewarding it was to do weddings. The team felt like it was a little vacation from the salon as they could travel to a bride and wedding party to beautiful destinations and locations. It became a welcomed break since they work and / or own local salons spas and largely known in TV & FILM.

COVID-19 separated us, and sadly we have greatly missed one another. I went back to the drawing board, and poured my artistic ideas into the pro doll project.  

I am a licensed cosmetologist and have been in involved in the beauty business for over 30 years. Born artistic, I stood behind a kitchen stool in an old farm house of my Grandma Betty's doing her hair in plastic rollers at 3 years old. I did my 1st wedding for family at 11. My love of hair and makeup artistry has blessed me to meet the most extraordinary and talented artists in the industry through the years. Once they shared their personal stories with me, combined with the love of the art I formed a network and a very unique team.

previously owned several salons, but I wanted more. I flipped the whole concept and idea around and changed it from a salon service entity, to managing and coordinating beauty services on location requiring travel. So together like building blocks, we formed an amazing powerhouse of a group. A place for everyone to have artistic freedom, freedom to create without restrictions, have pride in self business building while belonging to something. A place you could be creative at work with friends and family, (some of our team artists are family) Not to be known primarily as the hair & makeup team "in the back" but to be given the chance to be recognized and featured in the spotlight. An amazing team was born. The team is made up of 479 national independent artists & assistants. Closely connected, even though we are far & wide in demographics. We are known to go the extra mile. We carry heavy luggage, ring lights and chairs. We travel by car, plane, train, ferry & car pool to our locations (sometimes we are up at 2:00 am for early morning call times) & we always arrive looking put together.

We love beauty products! So 5th Ave Hair & Makeup Team Directory was developed. Featuring top rated hair & makeup beauty brands and trends. The dolls, the team, our work in artistry & top products, pair together perfectly. We are a package.I


I am proud to share my story and I hope that this inspires you. 


May you choose a doll to your likeness. Honoring the industry for many years to come. 


Lara Dawn ™ ™    2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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